Why Buy A Peterbilt Tow Truck

Besides the Peterbilt 359 Wrecker, two other standard models of Peterbilt tow trucks exist.

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Why Buy A Peterbilt Tow Truck

Purchasing a Peterbilt tow truck is a wise choice for many reasons. Several models are available, and they are all built to meet the needs of various jobs. These include wreck, joint, and flatbed trucks.

Learn About The Peterbilt Wreckers

Besides the Peterbilt 359 Wrecker, two other standard models of Peterbilt tow trucks exist. These models are 379 and 579. Each of these models is designed for different purposes. Whether looking for a tow truck for your business or personal use, you should consider the Peterbilt fleet.

The Peterbilt 379 is a heavy-duty truck that is designed for long-haul transportation. It has an aluminum cab with air suspension and adjustable seats. It also features a radio, high-class optics, and air conditioning.

The Peterbilt 359 Wrecker is a high-end tow truck with over 250 parts and a 15-inch digital display screen. It also has a working drag winch. It is designed for advanced skill levels. It is perfect for heavy-duty, long-hour construction jobs.

Buy A Tow Truck & Avoid The Headaches

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Peterbilt Flatbed Tow Trucks: A Wide Range of Features

Whether you are looking for a high-performing workhorse or a reliable tow truck, Peterbilt flatbed tow trucks have various features that make them the ideal choice. They can tow multiple vehicles and are also easy to install.

Peterbilt models offer a wide range of features, including collision mitigation, side object detection, and stability control. They also include full suspension options. They are also fuel-efficient, dependable, and configurable. They can haul various vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats.

The Peterbilt Model 379-aluminum cab is a lightweight and durable vehicle for long-haul transportation. It features a spacious interior, air conditioning, a radio, adjustable seats, and an enormous rear-view mirror.

New Peterbilt 567 Heritage Helps Drivers Work Smart

Designed to meet the needs of today's working truckers, Peterbilt 567 Heritage is an image-conscious fleet vehicle with traditional styling and modern comforts. It features a 121-inch BBC set-forward front axle and is available with either a day cab or sleeper cab. The sleeper cab features simulated wood trim, and the truck's cab features a two-tone sleeper back wall.

Peterbilt 567 Heritage is designed for flat-deck applications, oil patchwork, and tanker work. It offers a variety of features designed to increase productivity and safety. It also features an exclusive styling package that gives it a classic look. Peterbilt will begin full-scale production of the model in September, and it's available for order through Peterbilt dealerships.

The Peterbilt W900 Two-Wheeled Steed

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