Where To Find Mini Peterbilts For Sale

In addition to an entirely new chassis, the Mini-Peterbilt has a truck's perks, such as a full cab, a functional sleeper cab, a rear bed, and dual rear wheels.

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Where To Find Mini Peterbilts For Sale

Buying a mini-Peterbilt truck is a significant investment, with many great options on the market. Whether you want a Lil Kenny, a Lil Big Rig, or a Betterbuilt, you can find the right one to fit your needs. Please know where to look.

Lil Big Rig Mini Peterbilt Truck - This Is A Trucker's Dream Come True!

Using a Lil Big Rig, you can transform any old pickup truck into a mini-semi truck ready to tackle a job. These miniature vehicles are not meant to be raced, but they give you the feeling of driving an actual big rig. These vehicles also have an exciting history, including being used as a drag racers by Wayne Alberts. He added a 12-valve Cummins engine and a race-ready transmission.

In addition to an entirely new chassis, the Mini-Peterbilt has a truck's perks, such as a full cab, a functional sleeper cab, a rear bed, and dual rear wheels. The cab is a work of art designed to make you feel like you're in the driver's seat of a big rig.

The big mini rig has a 6.2-liter displacement engine and 4-speed manual transmission. Although it may not look like much, it has the oomph to power up to 60 mph. The machine is also fuel-efficient, thanks to a new PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission, which provides the class's best power-to-weight ratio.

Peterbilt Trucks Review

Despite its humble beginnings, Peterbilt has a long history of making good trucks. With a well-rounded range of models, Peterbilt trucks are ready to tackle any job. Whether pulling a heavy load of logs through the mountains or hauling a bag of groceries to the supermarket, Peterbilt has a truck to suit your needs.

The company has been around for several decades, starting as Fageol Truck and Motor Company in Oakland, California. Over the years, the company changed its name to Peterbilt Motors Company and became part of the PACCAR empire in 1960. With several facilities throughout the country, Peterbilt trucks are found in the suburbs of Dallas and Fort Worth.

The company's most recent venture is a factory in Denton, Texas, where all Peterbilt Class 8 conventional are manufactured. The company also opened a facility in Madison, Tennessee, in 1969. This was closed in 2009, after which the facility in Denton consolidated operations.

Lil Kenny Will Make You Feel The Power Of Trucking

Unlike the full-size semi, the Lil Kenny is only five feet tall. It also has a smaller engine than the real thing. It's available at a range of prices. You can spend as little as $20,385 or as much as $65,000. The kit features an automatic transmission and many options. It's also available with Chevy's mighty 454 big-block V-8.

The interior of the Lil Kenny is similar to that of a Kenworth semi-truck. There are tall exhaust stacks on the sides and a back sleeper with seats. It also includes big headlights and mirrors. It's also available with optional semi-spec fuel tanks. It's a great way to transform your Ford F-250 into a Peterbilt cab. It can also be equipped with an actual bed and other extra seats.

There is also a Lil Pete conversion kit. It was available for the Ford F-250 from 1994 to 2003. It includes a Peterbilt cab, tall exhaust stacks, a rear sleeper with seats, and a fiberglass Peterbilt fender assembly. It also has two extra wheels to make it look like a huge truck.

Buy a Used Peterbilt or New Peterbilt Truck

Whether you buy a new or used truck, Peterbilt trucks are a great option. They are known for their reliability, safety, and quality build. They are also known for their iconic red logo, easily recognized by truckers. These trucks can run for hundreds of thousands of miles. They are also known for their excellent resale value.

Peterbilt trucks can range in price from $125,000 to $147,600. Several factors influence the price range, including model, seller, and condition. New Peterbilt trucks are typically on the higher end of the spectrum, while using trucks is generally cheaper.

Peterbilt trucks are designed for heavy-duty work. They are ideal for cement, refrigeration, and box trucking. They are also built for comfort during long journeys. They are made with lightweight materials and feature side-view cameras, automatic emergency brakes, and adaptive cruise control. The wiring on these trucks is insulated and wrapped to prevent chafing. They also feature the most extensive digital dashboard in the truck industry.