Peterbilt Toys: Collecting and Displaying Peterbilt Toy Trucks

Throughout the history of the Peterbilt toy trucks, the company has created an iconic image.

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Peterbilt Toys: Collecting and Displaying Peterbilt Toy Trucks

Whether you're looking for Peterbilt toy trucks to collect or display, there are many great options. You can find one to fit your needs, from the 260/334 to the W900 and the newer models.


Throughout the history of the Peterbilt toy trucks, the company has created an iconic image. The company has made many breakthroughs that improve the performance and safety of its vehicles. These breakthroughs help Peterbilt trucks stand the test of time, providing long life and low maintenance costs.

After World War II, the company gained engineering and production experience through government contracts. The company also grew to become the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world. These breakthroughs have resulted in better fuel efficiency, increased driver comfort, and improved driver safety.

The company continues to introduce new products. Peterbilt's Model 579 Ultraloft is a high-roof integral vehicle that offers a superior working environment. Peterbilt also introduced a new cover for medium-duty applications. The Model 210 and Model 210/220 offer low cab forward designs for superior driver comfort.

A Brief History Of Peterbilt Trucks

Among the first trucks produced by Peterbilt Motors Company was the chain-drive Model 260. It was introduced in April 1939. The car was one of fifteen built that year. The Model 260 was a popular truck in its day and used in military tractors.

Peterbilt also introduced a series of trucks for the Medium Duty Market. These vehicles are chain-drive Models 260/334, 385, 387, and 388. These trucks were designed to be rugged and fuel efficient. They were also designed with comfort in mind. These trucks were also known for their excellent maneuverability.

During the war years, Peterbilt trucks were put into military service. Peterbilt trucks were one of the biggest truck manufacturers in the world. In 1942, Peterbilt sold 55 new trucks.

Meet The Competition: Peterbilt And PACCAR

Among the most competitive players in the American truck manufacturing industry is the Peterbilt Motors Company. The company was founded in 1939 by T. A. "Al" Peterman, who owned lumber mills. His initial plan was to build chain-drive trucks for the logging industry, but he eventually transitioned his operations to highway freight transport.

The company is currently operated as a division of PACCAR (Peterbilt American Corporation) and is located in the northern Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs. It is one of the oldest competitors in the industry. As of 2009, the company has sold nearly a quarter of a million vehicles in the United States alone. The company also owns a subsidiary in Canada, which assembles medium-duty trucks. The company opened a new assembly facility in 1999.

How To Buy Your First 1:32 Scale Peterbilt Trucks

Luckily for the die-hard truck fan, you can own one without a sweat. The company ships most of its 1:32 scale replicas to the good ole U.S. states and has a large enough customer base to keep the good times rolling. You can order many luxuries above, including the Peterbilt above 389/Kenworth W900 semi-truck for a nominal fee.

Aside from the obvious schlepping, you can enjoy a slew of perks, including unlimited free shipping to more than 164+ countries and territories. Among the benefits: are no annoying sales tax tainting your purchase; and a fun and online educational community for truck enthusiasts of all ages.

The best part? Aside from providing an outlet for everything a truck fanatic can ever need or want, the company also lays claim to the best customer service in the business. Considering the company's impeccable track record, you can rest assured that your truck replica will be treated with the utmost respect.