Peterbilt 579EV Electric Truck

Earlier this year, Peterbilt Motors Company unveiled a new all-electric medium-duty truck, the Model 579EV.

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Peterbilt 579EV Electric Truck

Whether you're looking to purchase an electric truck or are just looking for a more environmentally friendly vehicle, there are several choices. Some choices include the Peterbilt 579EV, PACCAR Parts, and Sunbelt Rentals.


Earlier this year, Peterbilt Motors Company unveiled a new all-electric medium-duty truck, the Model 579EV. This Class 8 tractor for port drayage and refuse applications features a battery-electric drive system, which can recharge in less than five hours using a fast-charging system. It also offers a range of up to 133 miles. It can be configured with an automatic side loader or a rear/front loader.

Peterbilt's new Model 579EV is based on the 430-horsepower Meritor Blue Horizon mid-ship motor drive subsystem. This two-speed drive axle can be mounted on the truck, allowing Peterbilt to maximize weight distribution. It is also equipped with a 264-kilowatt-hour TransPower energy storage subsystem.

The Model 579EV can be configured with an automated side loader or rear/front loader. The battery-electric drive system also features a regenerative braking system to recharge the batteries. It can travel up to 133 miles on a single charge. It is also optimized for nighttime recharge.

Peterbilt is conducting validation testing at its Paccar Technical Center in Mount Vernon, California. The company plans to place six Model 220EV trucks into service this year. It has yet to announce a specific date for commercial availability. The timing will depend on customer readiness and the development of charging infrastructure.

The Model 579EV also offers a range of up to 350-440 kilowatt-hours of battery storage capacity, which can be expanded. The vehicle is available in Class 6 and Class 7 versions.

Peterbilt is now testing its all-electric Model 579 in various applications, including drayage operations and refuse applications. It has a battery-electric drive system that can recharge in less than five hours using regenerative braking and a fast-charging system.


Kruger Energy Is Hauling Goods In Two New Zero-Emissions Trucks

Peterbilt is releasing the world's first fully electric semi-trailer truck using the latest battery technology. These trucks can haul goods at up to 150 miles per charge and feature a cab designed for three people. The cab is 2.1 meters wide and boasts a comfortable interior.

The Model 579EV is an actual zero-emissions vehicle that features a range of 150 miles, a 150-mile range odometer, and a powertrain that stores energy in large packs of lithium iron phosphate batteries. The battery-electric drive system also boasts a long life span and minimal maintenance.

Kruger Energy, the company's business unit, has ordered two Peterbilt Model 579EV electric trucks. These trucks will be used to transport goods between Kruger facilities in Quebec. The trucks will operate 24/7 and are designed to deliver goods emissions-free. This is the first time that Peterbilt has introduced electric trucks in Canada.

Kruger Energy is a subsidiary of Kruger Inc., a pulp and paper company that has expanded its expertise from wind and solar power to energy storage and sustainable transportation. The company operates and manages 42 renewable energy power plants in North America.

Kruger Energy also has a business plan to go green and is removing 90 passenger cars from the road. Its vehicles will be the first Class 8 electric trucks in Canada. These trucks will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, reducing emissions by 380 tons annually.

The Model 579EV boasts several other perks, including a comfortable interior, a 150-mile range, and a battery-electric drive system with a long life span and minimal overall maintenance.

Sunbelt Rentals - Over 35 Years of Experience

Located in Fort Mill, Carolina del Sur, Sunbelt Rentals has been in business for over 35 years and has tens of millions of dollars in the bank. The company is a one-stop shop for equipment, vehicles, and supplies for any construction or industrial endeavor. The company has over 15,000 rental experts and over 975 locations to boot. In addition to the standard offerings, Sunbelt offers a fleet of hybrid vehicles, including the all-electric F-150 Lightning and F-550 Lariat. As the name suggests, the F-150 Lightning provides the most extended driving range and travel time of any truck on the market.

It is no secret that Sunbelt Rentals is committed to environmental responsibility. The company has a nod to greening its operations through employee training and installing a few Level 2 wall mount chargers in employee HQs. The company also offers the latest in green technology, including a fleet of solar-powered equipment, including the eminently reusable and eco-friendly solar-powered trailer.

The company also has a sizeable on-road fleet of battery-powered F-150 Lightning trucks designed to last much longer. The company even offers a one-day rental service, which is convenient for the burgeoning green crowd. Sunbelt is also a burgeoning manufacturer of solar-powered equipment, with more than 500 pieces of solar-powered equipment available for rent or sale. In addition to its solar-powered products, Sunbelt Rentals offers the aforementioned F-150 Lightning trucks, F-550 Lariat trucks, F-150 XL trucks, and more. With its diverse fleet, Sunbelt Rentals is well-positioned to be a leader in green trucking. Sunbelt Rentals offers the tools and know-how to make your business greener, one project at a time, from the company's headquarters to its hundreds of locations.


Whether you own a Peterbilt, Kenworth, DAF, or Gearmatic brand, PACCAR Parts provides the quality aftermarket parts, battery packs, and charging solutions you need. They are available through PACCAR's global network of TRP (Truck Replacement Parts) stores.

Peterbilt has recently introduced its latest line of Class 5-7 trucks. These vehicles feature an 8-inch wider cab, 50% reduced interior noise, and enhanced driver visibility. They also offer several configuration options, including multiple wheelbase lengths. They are designed for optimal weight distribution and performance. They are also available in two electric powertrain options.

Peterbilt 579EV is a battery-electric truck designed for last-mile operations. It provides a range of up to 150 miles and recharges in three to four hours with a recommended DC fast charger. It is also ideal for regional hauling. Peterbilt's cabover medium-duty models are available with PACCAR PX-7 or PX-9 engines, which deliver up to 1,000 lb-ft of torque. They are paired with an 8-speed automatic PACCAR TX-8 transmission.

PACCAR Parts supports the rollout of electric vehicles across North America with its 18-parts distribution centers (PDCs), which serve 2,200 Kenworth, DAF, and Peterbilt dealers. They offer chargers that deliver output power from 20 kW to 350 kW. They are compatible with a wide range of EVs, including electric buses, electric vans, and electric trucks.

PACCAR Parts recently announced plans to open a new 260,000-square-foot PDC in Louisville, Kentucky. The facility will be near Paccar and DAF dealers, increasing customer parts availability. It will also increase PACCAR Parts' global capacity to 3.4 million square feet. It will be able to store over 80,000 parts, making it the 18th PDC in PACCAR's global network.

Peterbilt Model 579EV Is An All-Electric Truck

Earlier this year, Peterbilt announced plans to produce an all-electric truck. The Peterbilt Model 579EV is a high-performance, battery-electric truck with a range of 150 miles. The truck's batteries can be charged in three and a half hours with a recommended fast charger. Its powertrain delivers up to 670 horsepower.

The truck has been designed to meet a variety of applications. It's ideal for regional-haul operations, food & beverage delivery, and port operations. It's also a good choice for last-mile applications and damage.

Peterbilt's electric truck lineup also includes the Model 520EV. This all-electric model is perfect for residential refuse applications. Its electric drive system uses regenerative braking to recycle energy. It's also quiet and smooth, allowing for frequent stops. It's an excellent choice for hauling large items such as tank containers.

Peterbilt's battery-electric truck also offers an array of safety technologies. The truck's hood is aerodynamically optimized and features a 15-inch Digital Dash. Its SmartNav infotainment system includes a Bluetooth microphone and vehicle monitoring. Its interior features 70 cubic feet of storage.

The Peterbilt Model 579EV day cab truck joins the Model 520EV in the company's electric truck lineup. Both models are expected to begin customer deliveries in 2021.

Peterbilt Motors Company is a division of PACCAR, a leading supplier of heavy-duty trucks. It has been working with fleets to help them focus on using EVs. Peterbilt's electric trucks have been on the road for several months and have been tested in a variety of real-life situations. Its mobility solutions are offered through Trucks as a Service.

Peterbilt has also collaborated with the California Air Resources Board. The company will offer more than 30 electric vehicles by the end of the year. It also is planning to expand its test fleet. It's Model 579EV electric truck will enter production in Q2 of 2021.