Peterbilt 567 - A Semi Truck Built For Hard Work

Designed for various applications, the Peterbilt 567 is a workhorse built for hard work.

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Peterbilt 567 - A Semi Truck Built For Hard Work

Purchasing a new truck can be challenging, primarily if you have never owned a car. You want to make sure that you choose a truck that will be reliable and provide you with the best performance possible. Luckily, there are a few things to consider before purchasing your next truck, including Engine choices, Cab dimensions, and safety features.


Designed for various applications, the Peterbilt 567 is a workhorse built for hard work. The Model 567 has many features, including a cab-mounted mirror, steering wheel, and an angled dash. The truck is available in both a day cab and a sleeper configuration.

The Model 567 is built to perform, and it does so with style and class. Its lightweight aluminum cab structure is not only durable but meets the demands of severe service. Among other features, the 567 offers dual steerable air lift axles, a Flex Air suspension, and an electric tarp. The truck also boasts a 120-gallon fuel capacity, dual exhaust, and an 18-foot aluminum heritage dump body.

The Model 567 is also available in a compressed natural gas (CNG) configuration. The 567 is equally at home on the job site as it is hauling fuel on the highway.

The Model 567 has some of the industry's most advanced and innovative features. The Model 567 was the first in the series to offer a set-back front axle configuration. This feature not only increases maneuverability but also optimizes weight distribution. The 567 is available in various formats, including a detachable sleeper, tandem, tridem drive axles, and more.

The Model 567 is a versatile workhorse, and with its extensive list of available features, it is easy to see why. The Model 567 is also the most configurable truck in the Peterbilt lineup. It is available in both a day cab and a sleeper configuration, and it is available with a variety of fuel-efficient diesel engines and natural gas engines.

Engine options

Depending on what you're looking for, several engine options exist for the Peterbilt 567. These range from natural gas to fuel-efficient diesel engines. You can also choose from a set-back front axle configuration and various suspensions. This vocational vehicle offers comfort, convenience, and long-term value.

Peterbilt's Model 567 vocational truck offers a spacious cab and plenty of storage space. Its ergonomic cab design includes a steering wheel, an angled dash, and adjustable seating. It also features rear corner reinforcements and a sound-dampened cab.

The Peterbilt Model 567 is built for the challenging demands of vocational work. Its aluminum cab structure is more robust and more durable. It also features an ergonomic steering column and an adjustable steering wheel. The ergonomic cab design gives drivers the comfort and convenience they need to be productive.

The Peterbilt 567 also has a wide variety of sleeper options, including 80-, 72-, 44-, and 80-inch sleepers. The 567 also features an in-cab battery box. This prevents the truck from starting if the battery runs out. The in-cab battery box also includes steel hold-downs and a disconnect switch.

The Model 567 has several engine options, including natural gas, fuel-efficient diesel, and a set-back front axle configuration. You can also choose from various suspensions, including single steer, twin steer, and tandem drive. Depending on your preferred engine, you can expect up to 1,425 pound-feet of torque and up to 800 lb.-ft. Of horsepower.

The Model 567 can also be equipped with a Cummins Westport ISX12 G engine. This engine produces 320-400 horsepower and can be matched to an Eaton UltraShift Plus 18-spd automatic transmission. It is EPA 2013 emissions compliant.

Cab dimensions


Designed to meet the most demanding vocational demands, Peterbilt's Model 567 delivers the comfort and convenience truck drivers need in a work truck. With features such as a spacious cab and high visibility, the Model 567 is equally at home on the job site as on the interstate.

The model's ergonomic cab design features adjustable seating, a steering wheel, and an angled dash. It also offers a variety of storage options and is equipped with SmartAir(TM), a climate control system that keeps the truck's interior comfortable and dry.

The model's interior features premium leather seats and a wood-finish trim. The dash features an angled layout, and the gauges are clustered for easy access. Knurled grab handles and non-slip tread are also on the cabin entry steps.

The model's SmartNav(TM) system provides an interactive seven-inch display for displaying vehicle data and navigation. It also offers music and other entertainment options.

The model's aerodynamic enhancements include a sloped, lightweight Metton (er) hood. This hood also features a 90-degree tilt angle for easier access and serviceability.

Peterbilt's Model 567 offers a variety of configurations to meet specific vocational needs. The Model 567 is available in a day cab or sleeper configuration and with various lift axles, including a tandem, tridem, or single-drive axle. The model also offers a compressed natural gas (CNG) configuration.

The model's set-forward front-axle configuration provides optimized weight distribution and improved payload balance. This configuration is exceptionally well suited for mixer applications, weight-conscious applications, or applications that require bridging law compliance. The model's SmartAir(TM) system provides efficient climate control, allowing the driver to operate the truck with maximum productivity.

Ride quality

Whether for a heavy-duty vocational application or a mix of duties, the Peterbilt 567 offers drivers the ultimate ride quality and comfort. The Model 567 has been a favorite vocational truck since its launch. It provides a solid, robust design. It also incorporates Peterbilt's latest technological innovations.

With a new chassis, the Model 567 features improved ride quality. Its chassis is ten to fifteen percent stiffer than comparable products. The chassis also reduces in-cab noise and enhances maneuverability. In addition, the chassis routing minimizes service and repair times, making it easier to maintain.

The Model 567 also features Peterbilt's industry-leading Peterbilt AirTrac suspension system. Both steering wheels feature telescoping capabilities through a column-mounted lever. This allows drivers to adjust the steering wheel's height to suit the driver's height. It also increases straight-line braking stability.

The steering system is one of the essential features when driving a truck. The Model 567's steering system is crisp and responsive. It also features a solid mount, which minimizes vibration and noise.

The dash brow has also been re-contoured to improve forward visibility. It also has a seven-inch SmartNav(TM) interactive display that communicates essential vehicle information to the driver. It also features new gauges that are positioned to maximize usability and efficiency.

The Peterbilt Model 567 is available in several trim levels to meet the needs of different drivers and operating requirements. For example, the 567 is known as a day cab, a sleeper, or a compressed natural gas (CNG) model. It can also be configured for refuse applications.

The model also features a wide range of axle configurations. It can be equipped with a set-back front axle, a tandem drive axle, or a lift axle.

Safety features

Having spent the last five model years as a top-order book vehicle for Peterbilt, the Model 567 vocational truck has been enhanced with new features. These upgrades include new safety features and aerodynamic enhancements. Peterbilt also expanded the Model 567 into a set-forward front axle configuration. This update also offers an enhanced payload balance and an improved center of gravity.

The new Model 567 also features a new VMUX electrical system that delivers increased functionality and seamless integration with various bodies. This system also improves fuel efficiency.

The Model 567 also includes a new, redesigned dashboard layout. The new dashboard offers a modern, easy-to-read interface. This update also features a sound-dampened cab, an adjustable steering column, and ample legroom.

The new Peterbilt Model 567 is available in a day or sleeper cab and features PACCAR MX-11 or MX-13 engine options. Owners also have the opportunity to choose a twin-steer power drive or a single-steer power drive. They also have the choice of natural gas engines producing near-zero emissions.

The new Model 567 also features two permanent cup holders and additional cabin storage. It also offers a cab-mounted side mirror. The truck also provides optional 12-volt charging ports. It also has a choice of steering wheels, suspensions, and PTOs.

Peterbilt also offers a new advanced driver assistance safety system called Bendix Wingman Fusion. This system provides enhanced collision mitigation and collision warning systems. It can also send information to the fleet operator in the event of dangerous driving behavior. The system gathers information from a variety of sensors. It uses radar, camera, and braking systems to collect information. It then sends information to the fleet operator through a telematics system. It also prioritizes the most critical alerts.