Peterbilt 389 Heavy-Duty Suspension

The new truck boasts a new hood design with an industry-first all-aluminum hood.

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Peterbilt 389 Heavy-Duty Suspension

Among the Peterbilt 389's many unique features, one that stands out is the Heavy-duty suspension. This makes the truck one of the best in its class regarding handling rough terrain. It also features an Aluminum cab construction and a powerful engine.

Aluminum cab construction

Whether you're looking for a new sleeper or day-cab truck, Peterbilt has the perfect truck. The heavy-duty trucks have over 75 years of proven performance and innovative technology. They're built with durability and versatility in mind.

Peterbilt heavy-duty trucks have introduced the EPIQ package, which is an option that includes fuel-efficient components that improve fuel efficiency and increase uptime. They also offer an electric truck lineup. The 520EV, 567EV, and 57,9EV offer high-performance vehicles with zero emissions.

The cab features an all-aluminum construction with lap seam construction. This design increases payload capacity while reducing weight. The cab also features bulkhead-style doors. The cab is also huck-bolted. This feature reduces the curb weight by 700 pounds.

The cab is also comfortable and functional. It features a 7-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth technology. It also provides voice control and GPS navigation. It's also equipped with satellite radio.


Longest hood ever

Designed to replace the Model 379, the Peterbilt 389 has all of the performance and technology of its predecessors while offering a few innovations. The new truck is powered by EPA-compliant engines and comes with a fuel-efficiency package that helps to lower operating costs.

The new truck boasts a new hood design with an industry-first all-aluminum hood. The hood also features an aerodynamic-enhancement package to improve fuel economy. The 389's all-aluminum body is also lightweight, which helps to boost payloads and efficiency.

The new truck also features a new headlamp design. The new design incorporates an impact-resistant lens that reduces fatigue and increases visibility. It also features a bright, consistent beam pattern.

The new truck also features a fully integrated audio system and Bluetooth connectivity. It also features a SmartNav design, which gives drivers access to vehicle information, entertainment features, and GPS navigation.

Heavy-duty suspension

Besides the acronym above and a sprinkling of red, white, and blue, the 389 has a healthy list of accessories to boot, including various luxuries and tribulations. In short, the 389 is a jack of all trades jack of all times. Amongst the myriad options, the pixie-cut fans are rewarded with many possibilities. The three Cs and the bourbon are in good standing as well. Many perks and incentives are available to new and existing customers. The bonuses above are a must for the discerning customer. The 389 is an ideal vehicle for those looking to get the most bang for their buck. A well-stocked dealer can deliver a top-notch ride in the shortest period possible.

Powerful engine

Among the new heavy-duty trucks on the market, the Peterbilt 389 stands out for its power and versatility. This truck is also known as the "icon of the road." This model is ideal for heavy-duty applications because it is known for its high load capacity. This truck is highly customizable and is a popular choice among truck drivers.

The Peterbilt 389 has many models, options, and configurations. It is available in both sleeper cab and day-cab models. The truck's interior is comfortable and features an advanced GPS. The model is also equipped with an advanced audio system—the digital displays on the car offer real-time information and allow the driver to customize their route.

Peterbilt's lineup of engines provides the best fuel efficiency for any application. The engine family offers many options that can give the driver maximum power. In addition, the machines are designed to help minimize operational costs.