Peterbilt 386: The Value Leader In Semi-Trucks

Despite a very competitive class, Peterbilt 386 has some of the best resale values in the semi-truck industry.

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Peterbilt 386: The Value Leader In Semi-Trucks

Purchasing a new Peterbilt 386 is a significant investment. To get the best deal, you should know all the available options.

Why Peterbilt 386 Is A Good Choice For Many Fleets

Despite a very competitive class, Peterbilt 386 has some of the best resale values in the semi-truck industry. It's an excellent choice for small and large fleets alike. The model has unique features that make it stand out from the crowd, including the 450-horsepower Cummins ISX, a Thermo King APU, and a 10-speed transmission. The model also has a nice set of wheels and an Espar diesel-fired heater. The model isn't just for the budget conscious either, as it's also available with smaller block engines.

The model is also known for its features-filled interior and exterior. The model boasts a 10-speed transmission, a Herd Defender 4-Post with fog lamps, and a set-back front axle that gives the truck a sporty and upscale look. The interior is also very spacious, featuring a spacious cabin and a dash that's as elegant as slick. The model also has some of the latest technology and features, including a dual rear-view mirror, a remote-locking cab visor, and a reversible steering wheel.

Peterbilt Introduces MX-13 Engine in 2018 386

Whether you are a small fleet owner looking for a classic Peterbilt feel or a large fleet operator focused on fuel efficiency, the Peterbilt 386 has something for everyone. With legendary Peterbilt quality and a classic cab design, the 386 offers excellent visibility, maneuverability, and a smooth ride.

The MX-13 engine has been engineered to provide exceptional reliability, a lower operating cost, and increased uptime. It also provides longer service intervals, so you get the most performance out of your equipment. The truck has a 40,000-pound rear axle and aluminum wheels for better performance and superior fuel economy.

The Peterbilt 386's premium interior features a 7-inch touchscreen, an integrated infotainment system, and hands-free Bluetooth connectivity. Its SmartNav system offers real-time vehicle monitoring and voice recognition. It includes satellite radio and an integrated audio system.

The Peterbilt 386's aerodynamic hood gives you access to daily inspection points, and the cab tilts over 90 degrees for optimal visibility. The 386's cab is 2.5 inches higher than the 379 cab, which helps you gain an altitude you may not have experienced before. The 386's driver and passenger doors have a larger porthole window. It also has a shorter bumper in the back of the cab, which helps you keep your weight forward when navigating corners. The cab has a quiet ride, and it is easy to maintain. It has a few enhancements over the 379 cab, including a set-back front axle and a new front suspension.


Buy Bumper Lights For Your Peterbilt 386


Getting an aero bumper for your Peterbilt 386 is a great way to make your truck stand out from the pack. The aero bumper for a Peterbilt 386 is available in many styles, colors, and finishes. You can get a premium aero bumper for your 2006 or later Peterbilt 386 or a value line bumper that matches your paint job. An optional light box can also be installed on the back of the bumper, illuminating your license plate. You can get the same light wand in Amber or LED or a combination of Amber and LED option.

The most expensive part of the aero bumper for your Peterbilt 386 is the lights in the air dam. These lights are shipped in their box, so you won't need to worry about taking the bumper off to replace them. The lights are polished stainless steel and come with a wiring harness, flat washers, Nylock nuts, and six or eight stainless steel bolts. The lights aren't cheap, but they're worth the money if you're looking for a new set of wheels.

Types Of Aftermarket Bumpers For Peterbilt Semi Trucks

Several companies manufacture aftermarket bumpers for the Peterbilt 386. These bumpers are a great way to enhance the style and durability of your vehicle. They are designed to protect the front of your semi-truck, hood, trunk, cooling system, exhaust, and other components. They are also a great way to reduce the damage to your vehicle in a crash. They are available in several different designs and heights. You can get a full-size or a recessed design. There are also options for fog light cutouts and mounting brackets.

If you're looking for a new look for your truck, consider a Peterbilt 386 chrome bumper. This heavy-duty bumper is 16 inches tall and made from 10 gauge 1/8" thick steel. It includes pre-attached mounting brackets and a factory-1-year warranty. This bumper is available for 2006-up models. It's made by valley-chrome plating, the number one custom chrome truck bumper manufacturer in the USA.

Are 18 Inch Wheels For Your Peterbilt386 The Best Option?

Having wheels for your Peterbilt 386 isn't exactly a new phenomenon. Many trucks come with them on order, and many companies out there can do the installation for you. But if you're considering upgrading your vehicle, there's more to it than just changing the tires. Viewing the vehicle's mileage, how well it drives, and whether it matches your needs would be best. You should also consider if you have room in the budget for an upgrade. And, if you have to have a set of wheels for your Peterbilt 386, make sure you choose wheels that are made to last.

Exhaust Systems For Peterbilt 386s – What You Need To Know

Getting your hands on an exhaust system for your Peterbilt 386 is a great way to keep your truck on the road. Whether you're interested in a simple, direct bolt-on solution or a more complicated, aftermarket design, you can find what you need. Plus, you'll get a reasonable price on quality parts.

What's more, you can even pick up the parts you need from one of many locations across the United States. With locations in major metropolises, you'll be able to get your new exhaust system in no time. You can also take advantage of their competitive pricing and wide array of trusted brands. Whether you're in the market for an exhaust system or just looking to keep your ride running smoothly, you can rely on Advance Auto Parts to have what you need.