Buying Peterbilt 579? Here's What You Need to Know

The 579 has a comfortable sleeper with eight feet of headroom and plenty of storage space. There are plenty of windows and skylights to provide natural light.

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Buying Peterbilt 579? Here's What You Need to Know

Whether you are looking to buy a new Peterbilt 579 or are considering replacing an older model, there are several things to consider. We will cover the powertrain, interior, and exterior design, and driver assistance systems.

Exterior design

During the Mid-America Trucking Show, Peterbilt Motors Company unveiled the all-new Model 579, which is a bold and aerodynamic on-highway truck. With an acclaimed exterior design and an advanced interior, this truck delivers unprecedented improvements in efficiency and safety.

Model 579 incorporates aerodynamic enhancements such as a new air dam, A-pillar fairing, and hood. The hood also features a highly efficient tilt assist system to resist damage.

The new Model 579 also features a new cab design that improves overall comfort. This truck's cab offers a spacious cabin and sleeper floor and features distinct carpet lines. It has room for a bunk bed and small appliances. There are also multiple power outlets and a 32-inch TV.

A redesigned A-pillar vane and a new bright stainless steel grille help reduce wind noise. The instrument panel includes convenient gauges and an engine-RPM sweet-spot indicator. The instrument panel can be easily reconfigured to suit the driver's preference. The dash is crafted from a soft, durable material and features an integrated tray and custom red stitching.

The new Model 579 includes advanced driver assistance systems such as lane departure warning and collision mitigation. A sizeable reflective surface and optional motorized elements also aid the enhanced visibility of the cab and sleeper. The hood also features a unique airflow-managing shape to minimize debris buildup.

The hood is also made of lightweight Metton and offers better durability. The new Model 579 is also 10% quieter than the previous model.


Designed with the driver in mind, the Peterbilt 579 combines aerodynamics, comfort, and efficiency to optimize your bottom line. It's the perfect truck for long hauls. The car features a unique design, an ergonomic interior, and industry-leading technology.

With a full-featured infotainment system, the 579 is designed to reduce driver workload and enhance safety. It also features an integrated navigation system, satellite radio, and voice recognition.

The cabin is also spacious and comfortable. It features oversized wardrobe closets and liable bunks. It's also equipped with a pull-out workstation. Peterbilt's SmartNav(TM) system allows you to monitor your truck in real-time and connect to your phone and messaging.

The 579 has a comfortable sleeper with eight feet of headroom and plenty of storage space. There are plenty of windows and skylights to provide natural light. The roof is also sculpted to optimize airflow around the vehicle.

The 579 is available with either a Cummins X15 or a PACCAR MX-13 engine. It's also available with an EPIQ aerodynamic package. Using variable-speed components and enhanced combustion, the engine produces fewer emissions and has a smooth, comfortable ride. It also offers an output of 500 horsepower.

The interior of the 579 is also designed with input from focus groups and drivers. It's also made from soft-touch materials for a pleasant feel. The instrument panel features convenient gauges and easy-to-reach controls. It also includes a Digital Vision System, which gives the driver a complete view of the truck and the surrounding environment. The Digital Vision System also reduces the driver's workload while increasing safety.

Driver assistance systems

An advanced driver assistance system in your truck can help keep you safe on the road. Peterbilt offers several methods to help reduce the chances of collisions.

The Peterbilt 579 is one of the most technologically advanced trucks on the market. It offers industry-leading features, including an all-new intelligent steering wheel, enhanced collision mitigation, a new SmartNav infotainment system, and the company's newest ADAS technology.

The new Peterbilt 579 offers the industry's most advanced digital dash display. It features a bold, class-leading design that is easy to use. It integrates with the truck's safety systems and includes lane-keeping assist and front collision mitigation.

The new Peterbilt 579 also includes an electric motor mounted on the steering column, which reduces driver fatigue. It also has a Bluetooth microphone that allows drivers to communicate with others onboard. The SmartNav system also offers GPS navigation and a seven-inch color touch-screen that enable easy interaction with truck drivers.

Peterbilt's Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) is standard on the Model 579 and the 567 with PACCAR MX engines. It improves fuel economy by up to five percent and increases component life. The system uses a reward-based system, which encourages drivers to increase their "score" of safe driving. The method has also been validated, with over 1.5 million real-world miles.

Peterbilt also offers the Bendix Blindspotter system, which gives audible alerts when a vehicle is in a passenger-side blind spot. It also offers drivers a three-and-a-half-second notice of a stationary object in the lane.

PACCAR powertrain

Designed to optimize performance inside Peterbilt, the PACCAR Powertrain delivers fuel efficiency, strength, and time. This advanced engine-transmission combination optimizes payload capacity and maximizes miles on the road.

The MX-11 engine combines durability, performance, and fuel efficiency. It is manufactured at Paccar's engine manufacturing plant in Columbus, MS. It is a patented engine with a high-performance, lightweight design with a maximum horsepower rating of 445. The machine uses optimized combustion and is designed to meet industry standards.

The PACCAR MX engine has a dual overhead camshaft design. The engine also incorporates a low-rolling resistance tire designed for durability and efficiency. The machine is built with lightweight materials, resulting in increased fuel efficiency. The PACCAR engine also offers a high-performing, maintenance-free, extreme-duty clutch.

PACCAR Powertrains offers industry-leading attention to detail. With more than 50 years of engine engineering experience, PACCAR is committed to providing customers with the highest durability and reliability. The PACCAR MX engine has the most robust power-to-weight ratio in its class. The PACCAR MX engine's lightweight, optimized design and high-performance output allow drivers to achieve maximum fuel efficiency while maintaining a high payload capacity.

The PACCAR Powertrain is available with an efficient 12-speed automatic transmission. It is known for engine ratings of up to 1,850 lb./ft. Of torque. It can deliver up to 47% reduction in parasitic losses.


It is introducing the Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft, an advanced sleeper truck with a spacious interior, entertainment options, and many creature comforts. It is designed to improve fuel efficiency and give solo truck drivers the space they need. The new truck's sculpted roofline optimizes airflow around the vehicle.

It features a spacious interior with 70 cubic feet of storage space. There's also eight feet of headroom. There's also room for small appliances and a wardrobe closet. The sleeper is equipped with the industry's most giant upper and lower bunk mattresses. There's even a fold-away ladder for easy access to the upper bunk.

This model also features a 32-inch flat-screen TV. The interior of the Model 579 UltraLoft is built with soft-touch materials and a superb finish. It is also equipped with multiple cubbies and power outlets. There's even room for a 1.1 cubic-foot microwave.

Peterbilt's digital display features state-of-the-art technology, such as customizable gauges, intelligent gauge monitoring, and a bold design. It also has an Enhanced View screen that displays information from more than 30 sources. This allows operators to fine-tune information shown to suit their individual needs.

The new cab is also transformative. Peterbilt officials unveiled the new truck in Scottsdale, Arizona. They said it is the most technologically advanced truck the company has ever built. The new truck was designed with input from drivers and fleet focus groups. It's also been tested on the road.

Mirror mounts

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